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Moclobemide is a reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) drug primarily used to treat depression and social anxiety. No significant rise in blood pressure occurs when moclobemide is combined with amines such as tyramine containing foods or pressor amine drugs, unlike the older non-selective irreversible MAOIs which cause a severe rise in blood pressure with such combination. Due to the lack of anticholinergic, cardiovascular, cognitive and psychomotor impairments moclobemide is advantageous in the elderly as well as those with cardiovascular disease. Moclobemide has been found to be as effective as other potent antidepressants. Psychotic depression, unipolar endogenous depression, bipolar depression, depression with and without melancholia, retarded depression as well as agitated depression all respond to moclobemide, as does neurotic depression, reactive depression. Unipolar endogenous depression is reported to have the best response to moclobemide therapy.

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