Aluminium Hydroxide

Aluminium hydroxide, erroneously called Hydrate of alumina, Al(OH)3, ATH or Aluminium Trihydrate, Aluminium Hydroxide Gel.Freshly precipitated aluminium hydroxide forms gels, which is the basis for application of aluminium salts as flocculants in water purification. This gel crystallizes with time.

Types  :

  • Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel Pharma Grade
  • Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Industrial Grade
  • Aluminium Hydroxide Technical Grade
  • Aluminium Trihydrate

Applications  : As per Aluminium Hydroxide

  1. In many production lines such as
    • All kinds of Aluminium salts and Aluminate
    • Ceramics, Glass and Glass fibre.
    • Paper.
    • Synthetic Rubber and Packings.
    • Scagliola, Artificial agate and Toothpaste friction producing material.
  2. As antacids in Pharmaceutical Formulation
  3. As a Fire Retardent
  4. In Marble Polishing

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